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About Us


We are a camping ground in Imsouane, Morocco that focuses on connecting to nature and building connections between people.  Our story began In 2007 many years ago when James retired from professional windsurfing as vice-world champion.  He visited Morocco and fell in love with its wild landscape and pristine coastline.  Knowing he wanted to set up a surf camp to share the experience with others, he scouted the coast for the best wave he could and landed in Imsouane, the "longest wave in Morocco".  At the time, Imsouane was a tiny fishing village with no electricity or running water.  Since then, the village has grown up and so has our camp.  James transformed a barren piece of land into a beautiful ecotourism project with a commitment to creating memorable experiences for our clients.  Recently we have partnered with Dreamsea a fantastic spanish company to run wonderful surf camps aiming to have the best surf camp in morocco and offering many other destinations worldwide.

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